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Toll Free Voters Helpline 1950 or 1800221950 or To Know your Polling Station Send SMS EPICID space IDNO to 9869889966

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Check whether your Photo is their in Electoral Rolls

Electoral Registration Officers (ERO) of all 26 Assembly Constituencies in Mumbai Suburban District, Are collecting photographs of all voters whose photo are not incorporated in Electoral Roll. An appeal to all Voters - PLEASE VERIFY- Whether your photo in available in electoral roll.

Use our Online Voters list search Facility Verify whether your name is there in electoral roll. If No apply in  form number 6 for inclusion of your name to ERO of your constituency. If your entry has some mistakes or your photograph is missing , apply in form number 8 for corrections, along with photo and document to your ERO. If you have Shifted, changed your residence and have changed address you should take care to get the electoral roll updated. Apply in form no 8A for transposition of entry if you have shifted (Changed residence) in same constituency.  If you have changed your residence to another constituency, then apply for deletion  in form Number 7,  in constituency of old residence and apply for inclusion in form 6 at new residence.

Every voter should verify his entry in electoral roll and make appropriated application to ERO concerned.